Why Drugs Are Bad

Elroy - Drugs are BadWe all know drugs are bad and dangerous, but sometimes we don’t know why.

Our brain is the part of us that controls us.  And the crazy thing is that drugs impact and hurt the brain.  That’s why some people on drugs and alcohol, do stuff they wouldn’t normally do, because their brains can be messed up.

Look at the picture of the two brains on this page.  Which one do you want?  The good one or the messed up one?

Now I know that a lot of times on TV and in the movies they make drinking beer and using other drugs look cool, but that doesn’t mean it’s good for you.

It’s tv and the movies and they aren’t real. Sometimes on TV I like to watch the Johnny Test, but I still know dogs don’t talk. I know just like you do that it’s not real.